Monday, April 4, 2016

Is Aluminum ruining your chances of escaping Alzheimer’s?

Did you know that in the 1970s researchers were already making the connection between Alzheimer’s disease and aluminum? Research studies published in Science in 1973 and Brain in 1976 described how brain of people who had died of Alzheimer’s disease had much more aluminum than those who died of other causes.

We are all exposed to aluminum in drinking water and researchers in the UK have found Alzheimer’s cases are 50% more frequent in counties with high aluminum in their drinking water and Canadian studies have suggested a three-fold increase of Alzheimer’s cases related to high aluminum in drinking water.

Although the issue is still controversial, in 2011 the following statement was published in the International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease:

“There is growing evidence for a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease, and between other metals and Alzheimer’s disease…it is widely accepted that aluminum is a recognized neurotoxin, and that it could cause cognitive deficiency and dementia when it enters the brain and may have various adverse effects on the central nervous system.”

Five Ways for You to Avoid Aluminum Exposure

1. Avoid Aluminum in processed foods
Aluminum may be present in baking powder, organ meats, shellfish, shredded cheese and frozen pizza, single serve salt packets, single serve creamer packets, pickles, relish. For a more extensive list of aluminum in foods, see:

Want and easier way to avoid aluminum and other toxins in food? Use the Environmental Working Group’s Food Scores website or App while you’re shopping:

2. Avoid Aluminum in Cookware and Food Containers
Avoid beverages in aluminum cans and other canned goods. Avoid using aluminum foil or at least do not allow the foil to come in contact with acidic foods (lemon, tomato sauce, vinegar, marinades and dressings).

3. Check your Medicine and Vitamin Cabinet
Many over the counter medicines and low quality vitamins have aluminum in their colorings and coatings or in their active compounds, such as Antacids. Anti-perspirants, lotions, cosmetics and sunscreen may also contain aluminum.

4. Know your Drinking Water
Check your town or city annual water report to see where aluminum ranks under contaminant levels or start by requesting a report from your state. here's the link to get started in Massachusetts:

4. Boost your Body’s Elimination of Aluminum
Help your liver detoxify heavy metals with Vital Nutrients’ DeTox Formula, 2-3 capsules twice a day. Keep cleansed metals and other toxins from your liver on their “way out” and prevent them from being reabsorbed in your colon with Integrative Therapeutics’ Blue Heron formula, 3-4 capsules with a full glass of water before bed. Both products are available at Advanced Health & Wellness and our online store.

Resource: Power Foods for the Brain, Chapter 2, Dr. Neal D. Barnard, MD